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This page is dedicated to sharing with you links to web pages which I think are interesting.

There are French-related links and other, general interest links. If you wish to suggest links, do not hesitate to contact me.


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French Links

Here are some French links you may find useful:

French for All online


French Language-learning tools and sites

  • – Larousse is THE French dictionary "par excellence"! It gives you a great range of information about the language as well as pronunciation, idioms and short interesting articles! One of my daily tools as a language teacher and learner!
  • France In London: "The essential guide to everything French in London" – A very useful site if you want to catch the latest French celebrities, films, shows in London.
  • Franceinfo "France's first news radio" – France's first news radio and a portal to France Télévisions and RadioFrance
  • 1jour1actu – French news explained to children I recommend this site not just for French-speaking children but for adults also because it is well put together, informative and well explained. I routinely use this site in my lessons.

  • Tex's French Grammar – Made for the students of the University of Texas, this nice site has a great grammar section broken down into sensible worksheets with plenty of examples and exercices.This is a great self-study tool as well as a great class tool. And you get to follow the lives to Tex, Tammy, Bette and plenty more cute little cartoon characters!

  • franceinfo – franceinfo is where you will find a long list of quality French radio and tv channels, including France's first 24h info radio.

  • French Radio London – French Radio London does what it says on the tin: a French radio based in London. A link to France for French expats and for francophiles in the UK.

  • French Radio London's Soundcloud – A good way to listen to French Radio London.

  • Innerchaos – From raw aggressiveness to atmospheric ambience, Innerchaos mixes Heavy-Metal, Progressive Rock and Gothic Music.
    The proof that the French can produce good heavy metal.

Other good Links


Here are some links to a variety of websites you may find useful:


Businesses & business related


Below are businesses that I personally endorse as I know the people and trust their skills and integrity but I am not responsible for anyone else but me. Please note that I do not accept link exchange requests from random people.

  • Cro-Magnon – Graphic design and print management agency.
    ➙ They are talented, friendly and extremely reliable. I highly recommend Cro-Magnon!

  • Cambridge Kung Fu – Cambridge Kung Fu exists to enhance the lives of its students through martial arts and mindful movement practice. The mission: to assist every student in discovering ways in which to lead a happier and healthier life.
    ➙ Cambridge Kung Fu is a place where you'll have fun and will get the help to become an healthier, happier you, whether you're learning or teaching. I love it!
    I especially the recommend the Snow Leopards class for children and young people with physical and learning disabilities which is so good it should be on the NHS and rolled out to the entire world! (Seriously)

  • Relevant Records – An iconic blend of Cambridge cafe culture and basement record shop ➙ a great place for lovely food and a chat mixed with a vinyl and posters den filled with treasures, whatever you musical tastes!

  • Cambridge Maths – I strongly recommend Sam Bramley as a Maths teacher! She has what's needed to get kids and adults out of the Maths rut they can get stuck into: knowledge, patience, experience and, of course, passion!

  • Tania James – Silver & Gold Jewellery maker based in Cambridge.
    ➙ Tania's jewellery is exceptional as it combines originality and a sobriety in pieces that we'll most certainly keep and treasure for a lifetime. She is passionate about what she does and the people does it for. And she is a pleasure to talk to. In these days of bland chain shops, Tania's workshop is a breath of fresh air!

  • Enterprising Women – THE home for women starting and growing businesses in East Anglia.
    ➙ It is a very friendly network, especially for women running, about to start or thinking of starting up a business. I am very proud to be a member and can vouch for how competent, kind and supportive the women involved in this organisation are.


  • Helena Greene's Life Drawing and Landscape Painting Courses – Not only is Helena a talented artist, but she is also an inspired teacher who runs drawing and landscape painting courses. To book or to enquire about Helena's courses or her work, please ring her on 01223 350 857.
    ➙ Helena is a fantastic artist with a wealth of talent. Don't miss her courses!

Community and Charities

  • Cambridge Online – Tonnes of information about life in Cambridge, UK.
    ➙ Very interesting website about Cambridge and its community life. Accessible to all.
  • We're All Neighbours – A Cambridge community website for communication, organisation and action!
    ➙ A real community-minded website!
  • CamRead – Camread is a local charity that provides reading and recording services to visually impaired people in and around Cambridge.
    ➙ The CamRead team are dedicated to improving the lives of visually impaired people in and around Cambridge.

    You can support CamRead by sponsoring or volunteering. Contact the CamRead Team on 01223 424220, email them at or pop to their offices at 167 Green End Road, Cambridge CB4 1RW.

  • CamSight – CamSight is a charity providing accessible information and resources for visually impaired people.
    ➙ A very friendly charity doing a fantastic job. Contact them if you are interested in volunteering or if you can help in any other way. They take the time and effort to train their volunteers and they do so very well.
  • The Orangutan Protection Foundation does what it says - protect the orangutan and its endangered habitat.
    ➙ OPF's work is extremely important, as it not only saves lives of endangered and orphaned orangutans , but it also fights to preserve a crucial habitat for many species, and for the people of Borneo alike. I am a fervent supporter of their work.

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