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Welcome to French for All's testimonials page

Below you will find testimonials kindly given by some of my current and past students and clients.


If I have taught you / your children and you would like to add your testimonial to the ones below, please contact me. Merci beaucoup.


I look forward to hearing from you.

Tuition - Adults

" I have been having French lessons with Agnès (“French For All”) for the last few years meeting in local cafes which has worked well and been very enjoyable. We now find ourselves in these strange Covid-19 times and not able to meet up for our regular lessons. I was unsure about lessons online but have been really surprised by how good Skype, Google docs work and not forgetting WhatsApp for those recorded snippets to be an excellent way to continue our lessons and would thoroughly recommend them. Agnès enthusiasm and friendly approach to her lessons are a joy. "


Christopher Buckle, Cambridge

" I have been taking regular, one-to-one lessons with Agnès for a few years in Cambridge. As a lecturer myself, I know how important it is to build rapport with students and to develop ways of working to their strengths and tailoring lessons to best enable them to improve.
Agnès is one of the best teachers I have ever had. She is kind and caring; she is inventive in finding materials and ways to engage me with different topics; she is constructively demanding in getting me to work on reading, writing, speaking and comprehension, and she is really great fun to be with.

I find myself energised and motivated after each lesson and I really don't want them to end. I have gone from having trouble pronouncing her name when I first met her (!) to a confident speaker in a few years and, with Agnès's ongoing support, I look forward to a near future of being able to confidently pronounce, "l'écureuil a une bouteille" without pause, mouth-contortions, choking or embarrassment. I cannot recommend Agnèshighly enough; she is brilliant! "


Dr Gareth Farmer - Lecturer in English, University of Bedfordshire

" I have been having french lessons with Agnès(French for all) for the last two years via Skype. I had never used Skype before this and have found the lessons on it to be excellent. Agnès and I make use of the instant message feature that works in Skype even whilst in conversation so I can clearly see the spellings of words and accents.
I have also been introduced to the world of Google documents where we can both edit a document online at the same time as having a Skype call.

Agnès is an excellent teacher and my French improves with every lesson. She is also extremely passionate about languages and being a native French speaker is a great help. "


Stacey Rowell

" My wife and I had considered several websites, books and software packages before deciding to look for proper tuition. These resources have their place, but it's obvious that they are no substitute for a good teacher. Agnès is very patient with us, and copes with our idiosyncrasies remarkably well. Her lessons are always interesting, and it's very helpful that she is able to come to us. I know a few French people from work, and it is very encouraging to be able to speak to them in French, and be understood. Agnès has helped us no end, and I am confident that we would not have got far without her help. "


Jacob Bramley

"Improving my French while at university has been a pleasure rather than a chore thanks to Agnès's lessons. The learning was always very much focused around what I wanted to learn, but Agnès also ensured that a broad range of vocabulary and grammar was practised. Corrections were done sensitively but in a way that meant I (usually) remembered not to make the same mistake again! The lessons were very enjoyable and my French improved a lot. "


Anna Stansbury
St John's College, Cambridge.

"I love my hour a week of French conversation. You have amazing patience, enthusiasm and teaching ability."

Mr J. P.

" Agnès is a star. I found myself actively looking forward to lessons each week. There was no question her teaching helped enormously with my ability to understand and communicate in French. I would take lessons again because they were so good before; it is just a problem now that I no longer live in Cambridge. I miss my lessons! "


Dr A. L. Goodwin
Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory - St Anne's - University of Oxford

"You are always prepared. Great discussions in class. You also make it fun. I feel like I'm learning a lot and really improving. Thank you!"

Mrs Stephanie Herr
Project Manager

"You were recommended by a native French speaker as a good teacher. You're great. You have a natural way of making people not feel silly about the clearly ridiculous stuff they're uttering. It's confidence inspiring. And you're wonderfully flexible in terms of the topics we'd like to learn.

You've got a great teaching style that has given me a bunch of confidence to say stuff out loud that ordinarily I wouldn't say because I'd look stupid. And I really appreciate the small class, the almost one-on-one tuition and the flexibility in topics we cover. The fact that you come to our workplace is so hugely valuable too.

You're ace."

Mr Dominick Reed
User Experience Specialist

" The opportunity to regularly converse with a native French speaker who will correct every mistake I make is very valuable. That you can adapt your lessons to match what I need, and focus on areas that need more work, is really important.

I'll certainly miss the group aspect of the classes. As we've all been improving it's been great to have more and more of each lesson being conducted solely in French, even if it does take us an age to understand why on earth a "hen's nest" can make you late!"

Mr Paul Filby
Technical Author

"It's very good: I particularly like the way the classes are flexible and content is driven by the participants. Very patient teacher - clear explanations & tuition is based around the needs of the students as opposed to following a set pattern (as School did).

They're also good fun! I really enjoy them! "

Mrs Sara Stopford-Pickering
Executive Assistant

"Friendly and good communicator, you are client-focused and comfortable to work with."


"I have attended Agnès Aubert’s informal tuition classes in conversational French.

She never once lost her calm and confident air, however provoked she may sometimes have been by exhibitions of arrogant and ignorant behaviour from her students.

We always awaited weekly meetings with pleasurable anticipation. They were like meetings of old friends, and I hand Agnès full credit for their relaxed and fruitful atmosphere.

We learned a great deal and the improvements were clear on a week-by-week basis .

I am happy to endorse the experience without reservation, for those who, like me, have reached an awkward age."

Mr Frank Readhead

"Très pratique!! I attended Agnès' conversation classes in Cambridge and found them very useful indeed! Great fun and informal, we focused on the things French people really say, as well as grammar.

Always ready to deal with any particular subjects raised by the class, Agnès had an inexhaustable supply of topics to keep us interested, and inexhaustable patience with us.

The class had pupils of varying abilities, but everyone was encouraged to speak at their own level, and I believe everyone took away something useful to them.

Agnès' impeccable English helped her to understand our sometimes rambling efforts in speaking French, and so greatly increased our confidence.

I hope that the lessons will continue later in the year."

Ms Sarah Hart

"Our grateful thanks to Agnès Aubert for all her help teaching us some French ready for The Great Bear fair in France in April."

Tilly & Rafael Storr
Tillington Bears

"Agnès was a great teacher, she boosted my French conversation skills which helped me pass my Institute of Linguists exam with flying colours. One of the things that always impressed me about Agnès was, whenever I was having trouble with something, she always had just the right example in her head to help clarify things. And if that wasn't enough, she would then hand me a "crib sheet" (one she had prepared earlier!), with everything I needed to know clearly explained."

Ms Jenny George

"Ms Aubert certainly knows her stuff. She is patient, attentive, and most importantly of all, she knows how to make learning fun!"

Ms Tana Silverland

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Tuition - Young People

" I love the way you get the best out of my two children. My daughter says she wishes she could swap all her school French lessons to come to you instead! A huge thank you. "

Mrs R. H.

" Your being French wasn't really a particular positive at first but I see this as a massive benefit. You are very flexible with lessons and times and my daughter's results say it all. Lessons are very individual and based around her school work. Coming to our house is a massive benefit and I doubt we could do it any other way. You are very willing to offer help outside of the hour lesson and I appreciate that as it shows that you don't just teach but you actually care and want students to succeed."

Mrs F. C.

"I have been very pleased with the effect Ms Aubert's lessons have had on my son. He has told me that she has been by far the best teacher of French that he has had and she has managed to stimulate an interest which was totally lacking before. For this many thanks."

Mr William Hoskins

"I’ve learned not only to understand such a complicated, charismatic and romantic language, but to communicate my thoughts and express myself in a fluent manner. Agnès has helped us to develop some essential skills in learning a new language, such as trying to dig deeper into the history, culture and ways of living in France. Her being French herself has helped us a lot to bring up our pronunciation up to standard.
French was one of the most demanding lessons I’ve ever had as Agnès was quite tough with us, however I understand that it was all necessary.
Apart from being a teacher she was our friend as we could ask her any question on any subject at any time. We always knew that the answer would be as broadly explained as possible and we would always be understood if we had any problems.
The lessons were filled with enthusiasm and a spirit of eager learning.
That’s why today, I’m still learning the language which I have been given such a good base for."

Ms Aliya Orazalina
talking about her two years studying for A level French

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Previous Teaching and Pastoral Care work

"I have known Agnès Aubert for four years through her work as she was my son’s Tutor and French teacher for GCSE and A-levels.
I have always been very impressed with Ms Aubert’s enthusiasm and care for her students. She showed great patience and clearly understood how to get the best out of teenagers and how to win their respect.
My son’s enjoyment of French increased considerably during the time she taught him. As a native French speaker and an experienced teacher of the language, there can be no doubt about her expertise in that field.
In her dealings with parents and other teachers, Ms Aubert was equally excellent: a good communicator and always reliable and well-organised. I would recommend her highly for whatever she plans to undertake."

Mrs Iris Hunter
Assistant Registrary
University of Cambridge Secretariat

"Between September 2003 and July 2004, Ms Aubert, in her role as Head of Year, supported my son through his GCSEs.
Although far from lacking in intelligence, he was spiralling into a position where he would have left school without any qualifications at all.
Under Ms Aubert’s care, he not only managed to attend school for the whole of year 11, he left with 5 A – Cs.
More importantly perhaps, he learned respect for his teachers and that he could earn respect too. Ms Aubert inspired him to achieve and mediated for him when he went off course.
My son acknowledges the difference that Ms Aubert made to the path he is now on and is grateful for the chance he was given.
Personally, I will never forget how Ms Aubert was a listening ear, an excellent teacher and a mentor to my son and to me. I would not hesitate to recommend her to any potential student."

Mrs Christine Leonard

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