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General Information

Who can learn French?

My answer is easy: everyone! - regardless or age, level, etc.

My lessons are designed specifically with each person in mind (individually or within a group). Not just in terms of contents, but also in the way I teach: more or less formally, using books, websites, games, music, video footage... Whatever suits you personally.

And if you’re worried about age: don’t be! My youngest student was 5 month old. My oldest student: in his eighties! Everyone learns in their own time, in their own way.

To give you a better idea of what to expect, you can read what my clients have to say about their experience.

Your learning, your choice!

Tailored French Tuition

I offer tailored tuition because everyone is unique and has their own aims and objectives. My experience includes teaching people of all ages, including people with learning difficulties or confidence issues. (Feel free to ask me more about it.)

I teach both individuals and groups. Groups can include co-workers, family, friends...


I teach you the language, but I also help you add ‘Frenchness’ to your life and encourage you to practise regularly, in a way that suits you best. If you have time and want to do more French in between lessons, I’ll happily correct your work.

I can offer support via email, Skype and even Twitter as well!


I almost always teach in Cambridge (UK) only (wherever I can comfortably cycle to), in people’s homes, businesses, cafes, pubs, parcs - wherever is mutually practical and makes a good learning environment for you.

I also teach via Skype or Google Chat as well! If this might be a possibility but you're not sure what it'll be like, simply book a trial session and read what my students say about it. By the end of the second lesson, it'll be as if we'd met in person!

For bulk lessons outside Cambridge, please contact me and I'll see what I can do.

How best can you learn French?

In my experience, people learn best when

  • they enjoy what they do
  • they have a realistic, tailored goal in mind
  • they are prepared to add "Frenchness" to their life and practise (even a little bit) in between lessons

Here are examples of different ways to learn - in my lessons, you can mix and match:

  • conversational French - a relaxed way to keep your French alive
  • Skype Pay-As-You-Go Chat - practise French wherever you are, when you can, a bit or a lot at a time
  • written French - develop your writing skills
  • french surgery - focus on filling in the gaps in your French
  • exam techniques - find out what is really required to pass with flying colours
  • literature - discover classical and modern jewels
  • translation skills - go beyond individual words to find the meaning
  • French culture - learn French in context (especially relevant for A level and uni students!)


Maybe there is something special you’d like to achieve in French?
  • be able to order food in a restaurant
  • communicate better with your French-speaking partner and their family and friends
  • prepare for an exam - GCSE, A level, IB...
  • write an article
  • read aloud to your child
  • do a presentation
  • improve your listening skills so you can watch a movie in French or listen to the radio
  • get ready to relocate to francophone country
  • prepare for a job in a francophone country
  • ...
...then let me know so so I can help you learn.

Group tuition

If there’s a bunch of you wanting to learn French together (up to 5) you can share the cost. Your might even want to suggest your parents, relatives or friends to get you gift vouchers for it ! Feel free to get in touch with me if you are interested and would like to get started.

French Conversation Group

I am not currently running any conversation groups, but if you are interested in running one and need a tutor, do not hesitate to contact me.

Exam Revision Groups

Gather a group of GCSE or A level students who want to pass their exams, decide on a venue that's mutually convenient, and I’ll do the rest!

I have been a student, a teacher and an examiner, so I look at revision in a slightly different way than most teachers.

Conversation Groups for A level students

If you're going to take your AS or A level French this year, the best way to get the grade you want is to practise regularly. An hour a week with me and you’ll be more fluent. You can check you've understood what you've done in class, get used to speaking French, to do a presentation and revise your oral topics.

Gift Vouchers

If you are looking for a present for a francophone or a francophile who would like to improve/practise their French, stop looking now!

Contact me to get them a language training voucher.

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